Our History


Over Years of Sweetness

How it all started

The Beginning

In 2006, Chef Arundeep Singh ignited a passion for baking in their home kitchen. By 2009, the sweet creations gained local acclaim, prompting the move to a dedicated bakery.



Our First Outlet

"Bake-A-Licious" Our first enchanting outlet that opened its doors in Amritsar with a promise to delight your senses. But unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the bakery could only operate for a year after reaching its pinnacle in 2010. Despite the closure, the legacy of those delectable treats continues to linger in the hearts of the community.

A Beautiful Restart

The New Beginning

In 2010 we rediscoverd ourselves as a home baker with a brand name Cake-A-Licious to serve our delicacies in the community.


Our Culinary Triumph

Won the hearts on Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Khiladi

The show celebrates food in the whole new way as we see an amateur take on a professional chef, which are the amateur's family's culinary pride.

Cake-A-Licious Institute

Started Baking Classes

In 2015, we started taking professional bakery classes in which we teach the A to Z about a professional bakery.


New Gen Cake-A-Licious

Young Chef India Schools

Chef Karanveer Singh, in emulation of his father, earned the prestigious "JURY CHEF AWARD" at the IIHM'S Young Chef India Schools 2016, a remarkable achievement showcased on NDTV GoodTimes.

Modern Day Cake-A-Licious

Today's Business

The dynamic father-son team has been skillfully propelling the brand forward by integrating cutting-edge baking techniques and expertise into the community.


Our goal is to cultivate a home baker in every household, and our vision is to extend Cake-A-licious beyond the boundaries of Amritsar.

Freshly Baked, Made to Order

Mission n Vision