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Worms directors cut pc download


Download Worms: The Director’s Cut We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Amiga ROM. Follow Us! Monthly Newsletter. Top downloads. Publication date Topics worms , the director’s cut , windows 10 compatible , team 17 , a white bob installer , amiga , silent installer Language English.

Released originally exclusively on Amiga, here is my modded version silent installer compatible with Windows 10 OS. As well as the director’s cut version also included is bonus DLC content – maps, etc not in the original director’s cut release Getting classic games to run on modern systems is a hobby of mine, it takes up a lot of my time and sometimes money ; If you have found the above upload of use, please consider donating.

There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Young Mr Davidson has gone to town as far as player control goes, allowing the user to alter lust about every aspect of the game. As well as turning weapons on and off – as you could before – you can also chose to disable certain weapons until a set point in the game. If you always hated how much damage an early airstrike did to unorganised troops, simply disable it until, say, turn 3.

You can also alter the odds on which landscape will appear, upping the ratio of your favourites against your least favourites – or simply banning the ones you hate! Alter the sensitivity of mines, the damage each weapon inflicts, and even how many times you can fire off your new improved rope to Tarzan across the ceiling ah, but I haven’t mentioned that yet, have I!

Oh yes, it’s all change on the rope front. Apart from having a greater reach, a particularly splendid addition to this tool is that you can act out all your Spiderman fantasies. By pressing the space bar while swinging you send out another rope and ‘Tarzan’ across the terrain. Though you might not think this all that great, that’s before I tell you about the new cavern levels.

Yes, that’s right, one out of every four levels unless you change the default is a cave level that has a complete roof. This means that, not only do you have to be more careful with arcing weapons, but the rope takes over as the most important thing ever!

Oh, and did I mention that you can now drop a stick of dynamite while swinging over somebody? Yes,I think you’re beginning to get the idea now! This skin requires JavaScript for proper functioning. For more accessibility, please switch to another skin e. Jump to: navigation , search. Up to Worms Knowledge Base.


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