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Download Shadowmaker. Windows 11をクリーンインストールする方法を紹介します。. Boot from USB and install macOS 3. Basically, the Fresh start feature helps to start fresh with a clean and up-to-date installation of Windows 10, but it can leave your data intact. Best Smartwatches. Just a different medium since DVD drives are already obsolete nowadays. Robust security, plus tons of smart features.❿

Cloud Download vs Local Reinstall – Windows 10 reset vs clean install reddit free download


Click image to enlarge it. This command takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete, depending on your PC hardware. Figure 3 shows sample output when SFC finds files in need of repair. Figure 3: If SFC finds questionable files, it will repair them if it can. Here, it succeeds. If enabled, the Windows System Restore capability can create and maintain restore points on your behalf. To see if this is an option on your target machine, type restore point into the Windows 10 search box.

To look at restore points, you must work through the System Restore wizard. Click the System Restore Click the restore point to which you would like to revert. If something were to be affected, it would show up in either the top or bottom list in that results pane. Figure 7: The current restore point has no impact.

But older restore points will provide a list of drivers and programs that need to be reinstalled if you revert to that restore point. It usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes to revert to a restore point. The amount of additional effort to catch back up to where you left off depends on the number of items that need to be installed or updated, as shown in Figure 7. This can take from minutes to an hour or more depending on size and scope.

My preference is to restore an image built using Macrium Reflect free or commercial; I use both. More from the Foundry Network. The Windows 10 or 11 repair drill The idea is to first try the initial step in the sequence.

Windows power user tips. Windows troubleshooting tips, tools, and techniques. Reinstall options you can choose. What happens to data stored in other folders or drives. Reset Windows Reinstall Windows 11 using installation media. Clean install of Windows 11 using installation media. This option will take your device back to a state similar to when you turned it on for the first time, removing programs you have installed and removing personal files, depending on which option you select.

Resetting your device is less impactful than the clean install option, though it will require sufficient disk space. For the steps to reset Windows 11, see Reset or reinstall Windows.

In this scenario, either free up additional space or use the steps in the next section to reinstall Windows This option will use a tool to create installation media which you can use to completely wipe the disk and install a fresh copy of Windows This option requires you to use an external storage device such as a USB drive, and will give you an option to choose what to keep during installation.

Make sure you’ve backed up any files on your device that you wish to save onto an external storage device such as a USB drive, SD card, or external hard drive, or upload your files to OneDrive. Download the Windows 11 installation media to a separate external storage device that has at least 8GB of available space. Here’s how:. On a working PC, go to the Microsoft software download website and select Download tool now. Choose a language, edition, and architecture bit or bit , and then select Next.

Open File Explorer and select the drive with the installation media. From the root directory of the drive, double-click setup. Select Change to determine what to keep: Select one of the following options, and then select Next :. Keep personal files and apps — This will preserve your personal data, apps, and settings.

Keep personal files only — This will preserve your personal data and settings, but all your apps will be removed. Keep nothing — This will remove all personal data, settings, and apps. Warning: You cannot undo a reinstallation of Windows Be sure to back up your files first if you choose the Keep nothing option.

A clean installation is an advanced option to help you start fresh on your device. We recommend following the below steps only if you’re confident in making these changes. For more help, contact support. This will remove all your personal files, apps and drivers you installed, apps and customizations from your PC manufacturer, and changes you made in Settings. This option requires you to use an external storage device such as a USB drive, and may take a few extra steps, though it will delete everything for the cleanest installation.

This type of clean install deletes and recreates system partitions. It will delete all personal files on your device and the partition on your hard drive currently being used for your recovery drive. Download the Windows 11 installation media to a separate 8GB-sized external storage device.

Open Recovery settings. When the first Windows screen appears, choose the options that best suit your needs, and then select Next.

Select Install now , and then check the I accept box. Select Next , and then select Custom: Install Windows only advanced. Your device will now display a list of drives and partitions. Even if our original review didn’t convince you to upgrade, you might be thinking about it now that it’s more established and some of the biggest early bugs have been fixed.

We’ve pulled together all kinds of resources to create a comprehensive install guide to upgrading to Windows This includes advice and some step-by-step instructions for turning on officially required features like your TPM and Secure Boot, as well as official and unofficial ways to skirt the system-requirement checks on “unsupported” PCs, because Microsoft is not your parent and therefore cannot tell you what to do.

I’ve had Windows 11 running on PCs as old as a Dell Inspiron from , and while I’m not saying this is something you should do, it is something that you can do. But if you aren’t seeing it there, or if you have lots of computers to upgrade and only want to download the new OS once, there are other options.

Microsoft offers several ways to download Windows 11 manually. One is to use the Installation Assistant app, which you install on your PC to trigger a normal upgrade install via Windows Update. Once you have a USB drive, you can either boot from it to perform a clean install or run the Setup app from within Windows 10 to do a normal upgrade install.

Windows 11 is a free upgrade to Windows So if you’re running Windows 10 Home or Pro on your PC, regardless of whether your PC is officially supported or not, you’ll be able to install and activate the equivalent edition of Windows If you’re installing Windows 11 on a new PC you’ve built yourself, officially, you should buy a Windows 10 or Windows 11 license.

Many of these sites are sketchy, and we won’t link to any of them directly, but it’s one option for getting a working key. Also, unofficially, I’ve had some success using old Windows 7 and Windows 8 product keys to activate equivalent editions of Windows

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