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Plan to restart a couple of times to take care of last-minute updates and device setup. In Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the idea of connecting your individual login to a personal Microsoft account. Microsoft hopes you will value your Microsoft account as much as your Google or Apple accounts. The difference is that our Apple accounts and especially our Google accounts are becoming more important all the time and tying together services that we use constantly.

It is literally meaningless that Microsoft is syncing our bookmarks and browsing history in the Edge browser, or our search requests with Cortana. Logging into a PC with a Microsoft account is overrated. I cannot overstate how confusing it is for everyone that Microsoft has two different accounts used for different things.

Ooooh, it makes me so mad! You can connect it to a Microsoft account later. The wording and location of the local account option have changed over the years. It appears to be impossible. If you fill in a bogus phone number two or three times, it eventually gives up and offers a local account. Windows 10 Professional expects you to sign in with a business Office account. The result is that setting up a new computer is now confusing and frustrating for many people.

Would you expect it to lead more or less directly to setting up a local account? Of course not. My guess is that Microsoft believes IT professionals are the only ones qualified to work around the sacred connection to a Microsoft account.

Disconnect the network cable. You may see the above error message when the computer tries to figure out how to connect a Microsoft account without being able to go online.

Pro tip: after you choose a name and password, you will likely be asked to supply answers to three security questions, to be used in the future for password recovery.

Pick three questions randomly, and answer them with a word or two that you write down. The answers do not have to be related to the questions as long as you remember the answers! Tricks like this are all the more frustrating because Microsoft has become more transparent and open in many areas under CEO Satya Nadella, yet here you have a deliberate attempt to deceive consumers and promote a Microsoft agenda at the expense of consumer understanding.

Its agenda — a last-ditch attempt to convince consumers to value their Microsoft accounts — is likely to fail. Microsoft knows that. It makes this kind of deception an act of bad faith. Microsoft should be better than this. Thank u so much, it worked! So I unpluged my network cable from router and plugged my USB plug back into my laptop and boom success! Fuk Microsoft they cause more problems than solve. I would be interested in an article that addresses general best practise for a robust and clean Microsoft account environment to work with.

I have 5 accounts, 2 personal and 3 business. Trying to share files with Onedrive and having the right accounts signed in to Word of Excel drives me crazy. I try and avoid sharing files, even though it would be good to do so, because it nearly always throws up an issue that takes time to resolve if one can — arrrgh. As you could imagine, it interrupts work flow. If you could write something or point to something I am sure a lot like me would appreciate this.

Sometimes I wonder if the problems are me and my flawed setup rather than the company. I know that might not be practical for you for all kinds of good reasons, but that is literally the only way to avoid being confused or frustrated by the maze of accounts.

Each one may be isolated in a helpful way, something like incognito mode but with some persistence for logins and passwords. Good luck! Hello, so I have a similar issue expect my new job is a small company and so we have business windows. My other new coworker was able to use our business Gmail to create their windows account no issue. All other employees used a personal account and then attached the business email.

And of course it locks you out of local accounts and gives an error message once you try to add a local email with a domain. I know now that this is like you said a way to make you set it up with your personal email instead.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you! So your main point is correct. The rules and procedures keep changing. My eyes blur when I look at this stuff. So does my brain. I have gone through the set up process with my new pc. I have an existing login for my work domain. How can I connect to the domain without a Microsoft account?

I arrived at this post because my new computer refused to let me in without creating a Microsoft account. Thank you for this post. Also infuriating is a clause in the windows user agreement granting microsoft unlimited worldwide intellectual property use rights to anything and everything i put in the computer or online.

Linux here I come. I need a few tips. I am trying to set up a new PC for my parents. It has Windows 10, and did not come with Office. They are in their 80s and have very little patience to learn new procedures, so I hope to set up the new PC such that they can access their email, etc. Their old PC has Windows 7 and their Office version is probably at the latest and they no longer have the discs or product key. I hope that will simply things on their end.

If I get the Family version, it might make it easier because then I could pay for it from my laptop, then download it onto their new PC.. You should probably get Microsoft Family. That makes initial setup easier as you get the computer configured for them. I have refuse to use windows 10 because of this. I am still using XP.

I tried windows 10, but realized i could not use it without a windows account t sign in. So I went back to my 10 years old Toshiba with XP. So now I know I can bypass the account thing in windows 10, I will continue with Windows for now. I will buy a new windows laptop shortly. Tha KS for the article. The more I learn about Bill Gates the more I want nothing to do with putting even one dime in his selfish pocket. The man is sick with the disease of Greed; and he has no right to run his monopoly OR try to force the world into taking his toxic vaccines.

If he is so interested in population control he, his wife, and his kids should jump off of a cliff first. Bill Gates is a demonic slime-bucket. Fucking anti-vaxxer, Bill Gates is a wonderful guy. You would have to be brain dead and cut off from communications to believe otherwise.

His time has come and thankfully gone, his products suck and always have. The man is a parasite, bad actor and needs to be dealt with as such. Thinks he can just step up to the governmetal plate and play ball.

A whole lot more than clients and serers, and why he jumped ship! Welcome to health care slavery! Some would say we deserve it for allowing ourselves to become complacent, I blame the criminal for the crimes he commits!

Perhaps you should do a bit more research on your not-so-wonderful guy!!! Shhhhhhhh, that wasted 5 minutes of my life reading that garbage that I cannot reclaim, thanks………………..

Will you point me in the right direction to read and watch. Thanks for any help. Unfortunately there are all too many other places where you can find that stuff. Wtf is wrong with you retards? I came here to read helpful tips, not your weird mental Diarrhea that scares away normal humans.

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How to setup Windows 10 without online Microsoft Account. Windows 10 home setup no microsoft account free

The solution was to try and log in to a Microsoft account using random entries on the input. I have gone through the set up process with my new pc. Jak on January 16, at pm. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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