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Pilot down behind enemy lines pc game download

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WebThe plot of the game Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines takes us back to World War II, until The main character is the American pilot Bill Foster, whose plane was shot down . WebPilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines Free download. Download for free files to Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines. Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines download section contains: . WebPilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines is a game action developed by Wide Games and published by Oxygen Interactive. Originally released in United Kingdom in .

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Are Kuju And Oxygen Interactive stuck in or something? Last month we had the criminally bad Читать статью Weapons Of Mass Destruction 20 minutes of your life you’ll never get back ; this month it’s Pilot Down and things aren’t much better.

Trapped in World War II or a bland, texture-free, sub-standard, Al-filled version of it anywayyou have to sneak about from one level to the next, pilot down behind enemy lines pc game download offing the odd German soldier in a manner that would have Sam Fisher laughing into his goggles, and working your way towards freedom.

On a personal level, my hopes for it making a decent fist of EA’s Rail Simulator are fading with each passing release. Узнать больше are occasional flashes doown originality that indicate someone in the office was looking at the stars from the gutter of his desk. RPG -style stat improvement, comic-book level interludes, inventory juggling – but it’s all too little, too late, as the whole thing is just woefully unengaging.

Free from polish, variety or flair, at 30 quid you’re far better off with just about any other game. Apart from Conspiracy of course. Browse games Http://replace.me/627.txt Portals.

Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Playstation pilot down behind enemy lines pc game download. GameFabrique Eenmy, PCPlaystation 2. Action Adventure Games.


Pilot down behind enemy lines pc game download


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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Genre action. Platform PC. Comments There are no comments. Similar games Users also downloaded the following old games. Happy Feet Midway Home Entertainment. Mentor MarkSoft. GT Racing 97 Ocean Software. Vietcong 2 2K Games. Latest added games View All.

Top rated games View All. The games you can find on our pages are no longer supported by the publishers. You will not buy them in stores anymore. The aim of abandonwaregames. Post a Comment. Over , Allied airmen were shot down on enemy territory during WW2. This game is about one of those men, trying to get to safety of Switzerland through hostile territory.

The gameplay is mostly about sneaking around varied environments such as a lumberyard, wilderness and so forth trying not to be detected by the German troops and making as little commotion as possible.


Abandonware Games / pilot down behind enemy lines – Pilot Down Behind Enemy Lines.Pilot down behind enemy lines pc game download


Pilot Down! Players will control an American pilot trapped behind enemy lines, unable to talk, chased by German forces, and on the run for Switzerland. Gameplay includes nine levels spread across occupied Europe, primary and secondary objectives, experience points, upgradeable skills, and historical WWII weapons.

After a comic-book style introduction reminiscent of the Commando comic book series, the game begins with the character trying to retrieve equipment from the crash. During the course of what mounts up to a tutorial to the features and techniques of the game, players are introduced to some neat ideas such as the idea of an endurance bar that drops over time due to hunger and the cold, and a weight limit on the amount the character can carry.

Like Wide Games’ previous title, there is an emphasis on stealth tactics and although Pilot Down introduces weapons such as pistols and machine guns for the player to use, steadier progress is made when sneaking around the various objects dotted throughout the gameworld.

Gun-toting trigger-happy attitudes will mean that players will soon find themselves short of ammo with a bunch of alert Germans hunting them down so silent kills either via strangulation or a single shot to the head is definitely the tactic to take.

Similar to the Metal Gear Solid series amongst others , noises attract the attention of NPCs including civilians as well as enemy soldiers, which can be both helpful and a hindrance.

Engaging with civilians also poses a problem for gamers since the character is bound to the Geneva Convention and therefore cannot harm anybody on civvies street – an annoying flaw with a weak excuse. The problem with that the game’s Joe Public is that when they’ve seen the downed pilot they can do one of two things: hide, or attract the attention of the local soldiers, which only exacerbates the situation. Enemy AI is weak at best and bemusing at other times with soldiers unable to differentiate when the player’s characters has moved position and is now right next to them pointing a gun at their temple leading to an unbelievable experience and one that obliterates any sliver of immersion created by the game.

Playing the game you can’t help but notice that the game is a little rough around the edges with the camera system far from being the most complex example around.

The explanation of stealth kills could also be a little bit more accurate too: players have to hold and not just ‘tap’ the strangle button to silently kill an enemy. At the end of each level gamers are given the opportunity to upgrade certain character attributes from accuracy with a pistol or machine gun through to a greater maximum amount of health, and a higher capacity backpack which acts as a solution to the whining “Can’t carry anymore” or the character.

Wide Games’ second WWII outing sees the team develop a more stylized visual design, which succeeds in bringing the whole romanticized notion of escaping to consoles and it’s a nice alternative to other more visually realistic war games. Having said that the standard of animation both for the player’s character and opponents is quite basic and can’t be excused. Although the game does feature several techniques to increase the level of tension in the game such as ‘awareness’ bars above the heads of enemies as players try to sneak by and the event triggered music, there’s very little in Pilot Down to create a feeling of immersion.

The game is consistently bland and doesn’t really try to offer a new experience unlike it’s predecessor making Pilot Down instantly forgettable. Pilot Down offers players a thoroughly bland experience with a mish-mash of sub-genres and poor enemy AI compounding a totally uninspired title. It certainly seems like a backward step for the developer considering their brave attempt with Prisoner of War a couple of years ago. Contact: , done in 0.

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