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Change skype download folder windows 10

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I can only agree, the options in the old version was much better, now I dont get to chose where files should be saved, I can still downooad click and save as but still. Skype Shared Files Download Folder. You can check to find your folder chamge clicking the ellipsis in the top left of your Skype window and clicking Settings :. I share your frustration with the reduced function of the latest version of Skype, which seems to continue Microsoft’s baffling hostility towards power users. This method has skyp disadvantages: firstly, you can only use this method for a short time after receiving a file, and secondly, when receiving images, Skype will allow you to open a standard file viewer for Windows, but will not allow the option change skype download folder windows 10 showing the file in the folder. This program is a complete solution for those who multitask in multiple applications simultaneously.❿


Change skype download folder windows 10


You can start chatting with your friends as soon as you open the app and log in. You can make video calls and send and receive photos and files. For instance, when you are talking with one of your family members and want to send a bunch of photos explaining where and when they were taken or describing a funny story behind the images, you can do it in real-time. There is no need to send emails and write long descriptions. We’ve received your message and will be in touch shortly!

Email Address. Thank you for reporting a problem. We’ll be on the case A-S-A-P! Page URL. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. The easies way to see location of this folder is to right click on any downloaded file and select Show in folder.

Let’s imaging that a friend of mine did send me a file in a while and after that we chat a lot And now I remembered that I already received a file from him, but I can’t just browse to this file with Explorer to my known downloads folder I should to scroll to the location in a chat with my friend when he did send me that file And what if this can be 25 screens to scroll?

That’s what about everybody talking here. If you want to have the option to specify the folder where the received files will be downloaded, then you should install the classic Skype for Windows Desktop application. Not only this, but many other customization options not available on Microsoft Skype UWP application, are available on the classic application. You can install the classic Skype for Windows Desktop using this installer link:. With the Windows 10 UWP app, not only can you not specify where to save files so you can find them easily later, they refuse to put even a simple link in their app to open up that folder in the menu or settings.

It’s left to the user to wonder where the hell their file went, especially if they happened to download it, intending to see it later, and then when they log in, find out that the reference to that download had completely disappeared from the chat they were having some time in the past. The file is still there. Unfortunately, you can’t find it now without either asking the person to send it again wasting bandwidth , or hunt around on the internet to find whatever arcane file location Microsoft chose to store the file in in the first place!

Even better yet I get that UWP apps are incredibly sandboxed After you turn this on, any new photos or files you receive in a chat will automatically be downloaded and saved to your device. You can go back into Settings and turn this feature off at any time. The file save location is defaulted to Downloads.

Change Directory where a received file will save Select your profile picture. Under When I receive a file , select Change Directory. Choose the folder you want to set as the new default location, then click Select Folder.

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