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Download and install Jaksta Media Recorder to your Windows PC. Jaksta. Video and Music Downloaders. Home; Free Trial Information. The Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows trial allows: RTMP Superdownload where server does not disconnect; June 10, Nov 16,  · From , Jaksta Media Recorder can download and embed Subtitles and Closed Captions, New “Extraction engine has been updated” message From version (Jan 06, ), Jaksta Media Recorder and Jaksta Video Downloader, will auto. Mar 18,  · All say the download completes, but has 0 bytes and an (error). From Johor white @

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Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder can automatically convert captured media files to other formats. Under Conversion Settings on the main screen, just choose the final format for your recorded files. Once a file has been captured, the conversion process begins automatically.

You can also convert a file after it has been captured. Want to convert a file that may no longer be in the recordings list?

Just drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer directly into the Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder window and the selected conversion will run on that file. Note: You can create your own custom conversions using the Conversions Settings option from the Tools menu. The Conversion Settings dialog provides a way to set the command line parameters.

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder supports scheduling the recording of streaming media. This can be useful for recording long streams during periods of inactivity or regularly streamed programs such as radio shows or live events. In either case Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder must be running at the scheduled time, an internet connection must be present and the streaming media must play automatically without user intervention when the hosting web page is viewed.

Provided Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder is running and there is an internet connection, Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder will automatically launch scheduled web pages at the required time and begin to record the stream. Please note that if your machine is unattended and the browser is not closed then both Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder and your browser will download the stream resulting in twice the amount of bandwidth being used.

Sometimes when recording web-cams the site does not provide meta data. In particular the duration in the meta data is important in FLV files because it allows you to search forward in the FLV file in many players. Without it you can not rapidly seek forward in the file. Sometimes a recorded web-cams video and audio may also be out of sync because the server is sending incorrect timestamps. Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder can view this cache and allow you to extract videos from it.

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder supports adding third party plug-ins like rtmpdump to handle the downloading of streams. If Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder can not download or record a file, installing a plugin will give it extended power. The plug-in option is made available for technically oriented customers, but we cannot support or answer questions on using software from other individuals or companies.

A plugin is a windows command line executable that takes a url and output file as command line parameters. The plugin should display its download progress to stdout and error output to stderr. Both pipes should be flushed each time something is written to ensure they appear promptly in the Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder interface. It should also return true or false on exit as to whether the download was successful or not so that Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder can display the correct final status.

Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Jaksta Video and Music Downloaders. Recording available media streams Click the Start Monitoring button. If you wish to automatically convert the downloaded stream into a format suitable for your portable media center then select the appropriate settings from the Conversion Settings drop download list. If you do not wish to convert the downloaded stream select Do not convert from the drop-down. Navigate your web browser to the web page streaming the media you wish to record.

It is important that you are recording before the stream starts playing in the browser. If a stream has already started or is not detected by Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder by the time it starts playing click your browsers reload button to start the stream again.

See the notes below If the stream is compatible, then Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder will detect the stream and queue it for downloading.

Once this has occurred, you can continue surfing — There is no reason to play the entire stream in the browser. To stop recording click the Stop Monitoring button. Streams currently being downloaded will still be processed. No new streams will be added. Converting your recordings to other formats Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder can automatically convert captured media files to other formats. Right-click the file to make the options menu appear: Select Convert from the pop-up menu.

To adjust an existing preset select it from the drop down list, adjust the value and click the Save button. To create a new preset, select a preset that is similar to the one you want to create from the drop downlist and click the Clone button.

Enter a new name for the preset in the New Preset dialog and click OK. Adjust the settings as required and click the Save button. To reset all presets back to the system defaults click the System Defaults button. Scheduling Downloads Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder supports scheduling the recording of streaming media.

Streaming media can be scheduled for recording either once off or on a regular repeat basis. To schedule a stream for recording: Select the Schedule node to display the Schedule list. Click the Add button to display the Schedule dialog. Navigate your web browser to the web page containing the streaming media you would like to record at a schedule time.

Ensure the streaming media starts to play automatically. Select and copy the URL Address of the web page. Select the schedule Type and fill out the Start data and time and if necessary the days of the week recording is to occur. Click OK to save the schedule. Depending upon the size of the file it may take sometime to finish loading as it analyzes the file. It also displays the current meta data within the file.

If the duration in the meta data is different to the actual file duration or there is no meta data click the Fix Duration button. Expand the File Contents section to view all audio and video packets within the file and their associated timestamps.

If the audio and video is out of sync click the Fix Time button which will reset the interval between each packet to the number specified. To delete packets within the file select them and click the Delete button.

The Audio Recorder appear. If tracks are not splitting properly, adjust the threshold. Choose Windows Audio Driver to record everything you hear on your PC which may include alerts or other background noises. Choose Applian Audio Driver to record just the sounds from each player or your browser.

Click Start to begin recording. The recorded audio file appears in your recordings list. Click the refresh button and all videos that are currently in the browser cache will be listed. To save a video, highlight it in the list then select the Extract button. Using Third-Party Plugins Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder supports adding third party plug-ins like rtmpdump to handle the downloading of streams. Click the add button to bring up the External Program dialog. Select the protocol you would like to pass to the plug-in Enter part of the URL to match Enter the plug-ins executable name and place the executable in the Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder installation folder Enter the executables parameters.

Use the patterns url and file as indicated on the dialog. Other parameters should be hard coded. Yes No Can you please tell us how we can improve this article? User Guide: Jaksta Converter for Windows v7. User Guide: Jaksta Music Recorder v6. User Guide: Jaksta Converter for Windows v6.


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Hi, I just purchased the Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows and I keep getting errors. What am I doing wrong? I know the links work because my co-work. It is great for recording radio shows, downloading live lectures, sports, webcams, webinars and more. Supports all common protocols http, https, rtmp, smooth.


Not downloading Properly. It is disabled by default so that Replay Media Catcher will download everything by default. Jaksta can definitely download from thv Jaksta – Firefox Google Issue. I’m in the US. Originally Posted by gianpyc.

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