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Today’s Wordle answer Monday 8 August. A game about traveling http://replace.me/12190.txt world is perfect when you’re traveling the world with a laptop.

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Fans have been so enthusiastic about the revival you may have seen it celebrated with social media hashtags such as KlonoaSweep, a reference to how for several days, this game would not budge from the top spot in the Steam charts.

Klonoa actually does represent a very important time in platformer design, the change from 2D to 3D. With much of its platforming challenges, Klonoa did stick to a 2D approach, which lead to some beautiful camera transitions which are still very cool to look at.

Escape Academy, while not offering much else, knows how to craft an engaging puzzle, upping the difficulty with each room you successfully escape from. A fun cel-shaded look and clear descriptions make the game widely accessible and nice to look at.

While not particularly long and perfectly enjoyable as a single-player game, Escape Academy is great with friends, especially if the idea of having limited time to solve a puzzle makes you nervous otherwise. Get it now: Steam opens in new tab Epic Games Store opens in new tab. Monster Hunter: World opens in new tab is an elaborate, extravagant game about slaying huge beasts and turning their tails into axes.

Its gorgeous maps — from the bright, enchanted Coral Highlands to the toxic clouds of shrouded unbelly of the Rotted Vale — are fitting backdrops for some properly brilliant fights. The monsters are huge yet elegant, and both learning and countering their moveset makes it feel more like a fighting game than a button-mashing hack-and-slash. Plus, finding clues about monsters will automatically lead you to their location, meaning you can travel between its excellent fights faster than ever.

Happy hunting. Play it now: Steam opens in new tab Humble Store opens in new tab. Read our full Forza Horizon 5 review for more. With new weapons, a more agile Doomguy, and a fresh emphasis on resource management yes, you read that correct , Doom Eternal opens in new tab somehow 1UPs Doom , which was already deserving of a spot on this list.

Fights are still, for the most part, unbearably tense and hectic. You have to plan two steps ahead to avoid being overrun, and a new resource system makes firefights feel more strategic, less random.

Ripping an enemy in half with a chainsaw nets you armor, while lighting them on fire before sending them to an early grave gets you armor. Buy it now: Steam opens in new tab Humble Store opens in new tab. After A Way Out , Developer Hazelight is back with another co-op only adventure with It Takes Two, this time focusing on a couple that wants to get a divorce.

May and Cody have reached the end of the rope in their relationship, but their daughter wants to hear none of it and traps her parents in two dolls using the help of a sentient self-help book. Most importantly, thanks to an array of gadgets and locations, It Takes Two keeps things fresh, and it even adds several mini-games to the mix — truly a co-op experience with something for everyone.

Beep, beep, beep. So we clutch the tracker close, hiding under a chrome desk in the hope the alien leaves us alone. Grab your tracker and hide for your life. Rocket League is, to the beginner, a fast arcade sport where vehicles slam into each other at mph and occasionally bundle the ball into the net. But as you get to grips with the controls, it turns into an aerial acrobatic show with front flip assists, mid-air twirls and last-second winners.

You can gather some friends on a sofa and set up a casual 1v1 tournament, with bonus scores for the flashiest goals. You can team up with a squad and really dive into the tactics, rotating goalkeepers and trying to score the perfect team goal. If you want, you can switch it entirely to a game of hockey, with a puck instead of a ball. Now it boasts one of the best stories in online roleplaying, and is truly a game for everyone — those who like to play with friends and strangers as much as those who just want to roam a fantasy world by themselves.

The latest expansion, Endwalker, provides a bombastic conclusion to the Hydaelyn—Zodiark arc, somehow managing to up the stakes yet again. Get it now: Square Enix Shop opens in new tab Steam opens in new tab. No other series has got us as invested in its characters, and some storylines span all three games, running for hundreds of hours on end.

But if you can stomach some clunkiness, you should really start with the first game, because choices you make there shape what happens later. Play it now: Origin opens in new tab Steam opens in new tab.

Call of Duty: Warzone opens in new tab is the best battle royale on PC right now. Apex Legends is a close second, and a better bet if you want to control ultra-mobile heroes with cool abilities, but Warzone plays like the greatest hits of the genre so far, with a few inventive twists.

When you die, you get one chance to respawn by winning a 1v1 gunfight, which creates chances for memorable comebacks. Contracts give structure to each round by asking you to find a series of chests, defend a given area to reveal the next play circle, or hunt down an enemy, their location revealed on the map. Individual locations on the map have their own personality, and some are even based on existing maps from the Call of Duty series. You can play solo, duos, trios or in four-player squads; trios feels like the sweet spot.

Play it now: Battle. You might have a heart attack trying to unhook your necktie — which itself is arguing with you — from a ceiling fan. You can look in the mirror and convince yourself you were once a rockstar that played to screaming audiences, or discuss the complex political breakdown of a city plagued by corruption with a racist lorry driver.

Disco Elysium is a game that celebrates language and characters: an RPG without combat where all your duels are verbal, and every conversation is peppered by funny asides from different aspects of your own psyche, all clamouring to have their internal voices heard. You have a long list of choices for nearly every piece of dialogue, and what you say meaningfully impacts the characters around you.

This version adds full English voiceover to the game, as well as new animations, new characters, new cinematic sequences, a new location, full controller support, and more. You can even transfer your saves over from console. Play it now: Bungie opens in new tab Steam opens in new tab.

A joyful, playful space story about a character that dies every 22 minutes. During each life, you explore its wonderfully folksy sci-fi world and watch it change, entire planets splitting apart before your eyes. The world is small enough that your makeshift spaceship can reach any planet in a few minutes, giving you plenty of time to delve into ruins and talk to memorable NPCs. Best of all, the conclusion is absolutely worth sticking around for.

The best life sim on PC never stops improving. We never tire of the way it can generate dynamic storylines — family dramas, love triangles or personal struggles, and those tales keep us coming back, year after year, expansion after expansion. But Subnautica is far from average. Its wilderness is entirely underwater, which changes the structure, pace, and tone of your adventure, and creates a palpable sense of dread as you descend further and further into the depths in search of materials was that a tentacle that just flicked through your peripheral vision?

Your goal is to expand your base and escape the planet, and in that sense Subnautica provides the kind of clear structure that other survival games neglect. It has a proper story and satisfying ending, and that narrative pulls you through your journey, always giving you a concrete goal. Play it now: Steam opens in new tab. Honestly, a lot of love for Psychonauts 2 may be nostalgia. The first Psychonauts which you really should play even though Psychonauts 2 does include a short recap for its predecessor followed a medium called Razputin on his journey to join the Psychonauts, a supernatural spy organization.

As such, Raz has his arsenal of different supernatural abilities such as levitation to get through the jungle of the mind. That loss is part of XCOM 2. Arkane just knows how to deliver. Deathloop is a first-person shooter with elements governed by a time loop. The gunplay feels amazing, and is in typical Arkane style bolstered by a selection of meaningful skills to give you an edge in a fight.

Similarly, there are next to no repeats. Even if you have no knowledge of the other God of War games, you can understand and empathise with the story of a man trying to make peace with his past, thanks to great acting and a script that takes its time, letting characters express themselves authentically, pacing its big, show stopping moments well.

Add some interesting puzzles and breathtaking locales and you get one of the finest action-adventures you can play, one that truly set the bar for years to come. Alyx is the best VR game to date, and feels like a proper evolution of Half-Life 2, one of the greatest shooters of all time. It feels like every object can be picked up, examined, and smashed. At one point, you must cover your mouth to stop Alyx coughing as you sneak past a blind monster, for example. This level of interaction makes the whole game feel alive, and makes you feel like a very real part of it.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Minecraft first hit stores. The game is still going strong today thanks to continuous improvement and updates that make the game almost unrecognizable from its original state. The open-world game is filled with enemies to kill in Survival mode, but the popular Creative mode removes such hazards. Along with the absence of enemies, Creative mode also gives players every item and piece of equipment in the game.

This allows them to make some incredible creations — the only limitation is their own imagination. After the player’s ship crashes onto an island, Yonder tasks players with helping the inhabitants by clearing a substance called Murk. The gameplay predominantly centers around fetch quests. Though this may sound tedious , exploring the Breath of the Wild -like game-world can provide hours of simplistic enjoyment.

This first-person game puts players in a beautiful, artistic forest and simply lets them explore the surrounding environments. The game’s world is procedurally generated, ensuring that players will always have a fresh experience each time they boot it up. Shape of the World simply wants its players to find peace and relaxation. The game’s Steam page exemplifies this philosophy, stating: “This is a place to get lost in, a relaxing world for you to spend 1 to 3 hours meandering at your own pace, observing and unwinding.

Truth be told, this list could have been filled by the numerous open-world racing games that have been released over the years. For the sake of variety, though, it made sense to just include the one. Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 4 has become one of Microsoft Studios’ most highly esteemed releases.

The beautiful British countrysides are a joy to drive through during any of the game’s four seasons. Forza Horizon 4 was one of the most critically acclaimed racing releases of the eighth generation of console, exemplified by its Metascore of 92 and its Golden Joystick award of Xbox Game of the Year in The first entry into The Sims franchise released in and played a fundamental part in the rise of casual games. Electronic Arts’ series has since become one of the best selling video game franchises of all time, likely due to how it appeals to such a wide audience.

The game broke down its predecessor’s linear walls in favor of an open-world to explore. Exploring the game’s town is a joy, and is the main reason why The Sims 3 is the most beloved entry in the franchise.

Tequila Works’ puzzle game Rime was released on all major systems in The third-person adventure is the second, but certainly not the last game on this list to strand players on a mysterious island.

Rime tasks players with solving environmental puzzles by moving objects, shouting, or signing. The game received a mixed reception from critics, exemplified by the juxtaposing Metascores of 64 on Nintendo Switch and 82 on Xbox One.

Praise from critics revolved around the art-style and visuals, though the lackluster puzzles received criticism. The game’s main quest requires the player to jump, swim and glide through the open-world to find a collection of Golden Feathers. The main quest isn’t all that’s available to players, however, as they can also partake in numerous side activities such as fishing, finding treasure with the help of maps, and competing in the unique Beachstickball.

Along with Portal , Cyan World’s Myst is one of gaming’s most famous puzzle titles that isn’t named Tetris. Myst is another game that stands players on a mysterious island. They must use their own initiative to explore the game-world and uncover its secrets without any in-game direction or help.


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Jul 04,  · 4 min read. Josh Miller/CNET. There’s no doubt that we’re living in a golden age of PC gaming. The 4K, HDR graphics on games like Metro: Exodus and The Division 2 put their console counterparts to. Jul 14,  · HP Victus 15L Intel i7 RTX Dual Storage Desktop. (Opens in a new window) — $ with code 5GAMER HP Pavilion Intel i5 RTX GB SSD Desktop. (Opens in a new window) — $ Aug 03,  · Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space () Dexter Stardust is a gloriously over-the-top, Latin-themed homage to pulp sci-fi and classic adventures. The story takes a backseat to the puzzles for a while, but it has attitude and good vibes to spare.


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