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April 19th, 0. Visual Studio launch is here! Download Visual Studio Preview. All of our product development begins and ends with you—whether you posted on Developer Community , filled out a survey, sent us feedback, or took part in a customer study, thank you for helping to continue to steer the product roadmap for Visual Studio.

I have exciting news—the first public preview of Visual Studio will be released this summer. The next major release of Visual Studio will be faster, more approachable, and more lightweight, designed for both learners and those building industrial scale solutions. For the first time ever, Visual Studio will be bit. The user experience will feel cleaner, intelligent, and action oriented. Development teams have become more geographically dispersed than ever.

With a bit Visual Studio on Windows, you can open, edit, run, and debug even the biggest and most complex solutions without running out of memory. Visual Studio will continue to be a great tool for building bit apps. Some of the changes are subtle cosmetic touches that modernize the UI or reduce crowding. Overall, we aim to reduce complexity and decrease the cognitive load so that you can focus and stay in the zone.

Also, making Visual Studio more accessible delivers better usability for everyone — the next version of Visual Studio will include:. Developer to developer, we understand that personalizing your IDE is as important as picking your desk chair. Visual Studio will make it quick and easy to build modern, cloud-based applications with Azure. Plus, the required development environment will be defined in the repository so that you can start coding and debugging right away.

Visual Studio will have full support for. NET 6 and its unified framework for web, client, and mobile apps for both Windows and Mac developers. That includes the. You can also use ASP. NET Blazor web technologies to write desktop apps via. NET Hot Reload to apply code changes without needing to restart or lose the app state.

The ability to confidently debug your applications is at the center of your daily workflow. Live Share opens new opportunities for collaborating with others, exchanging ideas, pair programming, and reviewing code.

In Visual Studio , Live Share will introduce integrated text chat so that you can have quick conversations about your code without any context switches.

Visual Studio will provide more and deeper integrations into your daily workflows, helping you to take the right action in the right place at the right time.

Visual Studio will include powerful new support for Git and GitHub. Our guiding principle here was helping you to have higher confidence in the code you deliver. Code search is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. Developers use code search for lots of reasons: learning from others, sharing code, assessing the impact of changes while refactoring, investigating issues, or reviewing changes. Our goal with Visual Studio for Mac is to make a modern. It also means that Visual Studio for Mac can take full advantage of all the built-in macOS accessibility features.

The new Git experience from Visual Studio will also be coming to Visual Studio for Mac, beginning with the introduction of the Git Changes tool window.

As always, you can head on over to the new Developer Community to browse through existing feature requests to upvote and comment or create your own. Stay tuned for announcements about the bit Visual Studio Preview 1 availability, which will include our UI refinements and accessibility improvements. And remember! Like any work in progress, these features are still in development, so some of them will be coming to Visual Studio after the first public release.

Comments are closed. Suggestion for Cascadia Code parenthesis : I think they could get a little adjustment to look more like Consolas. Other tools that work with TFVC, such as the Power Tools and Shell Extension have been unsupported for VS, with the claim being made that the functionality of the power tools were moved into the command line which is not the case for a number of them.

We continue to support our devs and scenarios using Azure DevOps. It already has and will continue to have great Git integration in VS. You can also take a look at the Azure DevOps roadmap. Happens randomly, but once it has happened it stays stuck that way. We used to have to restart VS to fix but now just flick back to the home panel of source control and click the little refresh button.

That seems to refresh the auth token and allows check-in to proceed again. If you experience any regressions, please report them on Developer Community. Pratik Nadagouda, the issue that Ian Yates refers to is already open in the Developer Community, and has been for years. These responses are being largely ignored.

TFSVC is painfully slow these days. To be honest, you ripped out all the built-in integration with DevOps. Look at the dialog you get when creating a new Git repository from VS. I just wish you would come clean and say what your plans are. About 18 months back we had a Microsoft evangelist visit the company I was working for and he explicitly said that GitHub was going to be the future, and that our large enterprise should plan to move to GitHub.

GitHub is essentially just Repos and a bit of Pipelines. The fact that Microsoft is having to remove existing, already developed integrations in order to try to push people away from DevOps to GitHub is telling.

I have a suspicion that GitHub is better although not by much. Another GitLab disappointment is their Nuget repository. So make sure you identify the areas you care about, and then evaluate those thoroughly.

I think you will be surprised. My old team members certainly misses TFS, and we were still on an older version. WIth TFS you could tell that much thought was put into each feature before it was released. TFS may the newest but not the last. If that does not happen, customers will not use Visual Studio It is as simple as that. They want everything in their cloud…. Keep us feeding their money making cow…. Cloud is a trap…. Totally agree.

So many of their moves over the last few years to me feel like a shift away from enterprise customers to small outfits.

Then rebrand everything so it seems new. Xamarin becomes MAUI. TFS becomes DevOps. But again, nothing works better just named different. I hope that is not the plan. Many businesses will not accept dropping TFS integration. Who wants their proprietary source code away from the business owned computer systems?

We moved to git from TFS a year ago but we had not invested much effort in TFS for years — just using it for source code control. Surprisingly we were able to migrate the history as well. We moved to a private cloud instance of git though could equally have moved to on premises.

Please let us know through Developer Community if you see any regressions for the integration as we release preview versions of VS , so that we can catch and address any issues quickly. This is deeply concerning. As a team lead, I literally just fought to have my whole company convert over to Azure DevOps. It was expensive and painful but I counted it a success. It feels like Microsoft has little concern of the impact these decisions have on our companies, lives and careers. For Windows development?

I believe that rust support is very promising. Just look at this to see what I mean. It requires minimal cognitive load to handle and does not force strings to be immutable which is bad for performance. Thanks for listening to the community and keep making all the investments in new tech for all of us. Greatly appreciated! Hopefully updating of VS extensions works without restarting the VS extensions must be out of proc.

Also the new icons look even more worse. Best clarity, legibility, and contrast had the VS icons, they were perfect. Just look at the green tick and the red cross. Why are the tick and the cross smaller and harder to make out?

Who decided to waste a bunch of time on that? I, for one, am thrilled they finally flipped the floppy disk save icon upside down- that was super-important in my work.



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